SFS 2.0 —
Our Operating

The Stanley Fulfillment System (SFS) has been our method for ensuring operational excellence for more than a decade. Adapted for this digital age, SFS 2.0 harnesses and applies the disruptive power of the digital revolution pervasively across the business — delivering continuous process improvements while sustaining a culture of outperformance and ceaseless innovation in the pursuit of above-market organic growth with margin expansion and strong free cash flow generation.

Five-Year Results

Stanley Black & Decker has a track record of top-quartile performance as compared to leading global industrial companies.


Revenue CAGR




Free Cash Flow CAGR


Average Organic Growth


Capital allocation model —
50% back to shareholders,
50% invested in M&A

*Excluding M&A related charges, and for 2017 excludes net gain on divestitures and one-time tax charge.

: Our Operating System

Our Value Creation Model

World Class Brands
Attractive Growth Platforms
Scalable, Defensible Franchises
Differentiable Through Innovation

Strong, Innovation-Driven Businesses In Diverse, Global Markets

  • Outsized, Capital-Efficient Organic Growth
  • Attractive, Expandable Operating Margin Rate
  • Outstanding Free Cash Flow Conversion

Investor-Friendly Capital Allocation




Return Cash
To Shareholders

Long-Term Financial

  • 4%–6% Organic Growth
  • 10%–12% Total Revenue Growth
  • 10%–12% EPS Growth**
    (Including Acquisitions)
  • FCF ≥ Net Income
  • 10+ Working Capital Turns

World Class Branded Franchises With Sustainable Strategic Characteristics That Create Exceptional Shareholder Value

**7%-9% excluding acquisitions | Excludes M&A related charges

Our value creation model begins with having world class brands — defensible, scalable franchises that are differentiable through innovation. We power these attractive growth platforms with our SFS 2.0 operating system, which helps us deliver outsized organic growth, margin rate expansion and strong free cash flow conversion as we pursue our long-term financial objectives. Our capital allocation approach is to return approximately half the cash we generate to our shareholders in the form of dividends and/or opportunistic share repurchases, and reinvest the other half in acquisitions to further strengthen our branded franchises and to fuel growth — with consistent discipline focused on capital-efficient growth.

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